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Real estate:

On lease/purchase a property please contact us by phone: + 375 29 103 55 00, + 375 222 73 16 16 Irina Veremeichik,

Sell or lease commercial real estate objects:

seeg. Minsk-production and warehouse base in AG. Kolodischi, multifunctional building area 1 022 m2, 2 floors. Plot of 0.52 HA. Concrete fence. Two electricity input. Maximum power 180 kW. Asphalt playground. Plumbing. The remoteness of the pipeline-10 m. Address: AG Kolodischi, UL. Starinovskaja, 9.     

 Rent isolated premises from 20 sq. m.                             


Wawag. Mogilev-UL. Vokzalnaya, 24, three buildings on the land plot of 0.42 hectares:

110 sq. m. Office building

142 sq. m. warehouse

145 sq. m. workshops.

Each building has its own title document.

Heating, water, sewerage, electricity, phone-5 pairs, Internet.


PAAg. Mogilev-UL. Cheluskin hotel, 140, supply warehouse in an industrial area. Ceiling height-7 meters, isolated premises from 100 to 630 m. M2, separate entry in each room, there is a building with crane beams.

 Total building area-1800 m. kV.



g. Mogilev-Minsk direction der New Add, production and warehouse 200 m. kV. (only rent). Electricity, there is a possibility of heating.

g. Vitebsk UL. 44 Pavlova a., warehouse building with a ramp with a total area of 2180 meters. kV. Consisting of five isolated apartments with separate entrances. Comfortable ground for reversing the truck. You want to repair. 0.4-hectare plot (only for sale).

g. Vitebsk UL. Leningrad 217, isolated room 420 sq. m. ceiling height of 7 m. Located in an industrial zone. Plumbing in the building gas-100 metres.

g. Zhlobin-unfinished construction. 4 floors, approximately 3150 m. kV. The possible use of Trade-Office Center. All communications are 50-100 m. from the building. Located in a district of the city.

g. Polotsk-UL. Road, 9b garages with a total area of 108 m. kV. located in the private dwelling. All communications are 50-80 m. Land in production use.