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EXPRESS charging stations for electric vehicles

Advantages of electric vehicle in front of a car with an internal combustion engine are becoming increasingly apparent. Technology is evolving so rapidly that in the not-too-distant future electric vehicle appears in every home. Today for providing quality services for electric vehicles is a priority the development of a network of petrol stations.

Charging electric vehicles can be carried out and using a home electrical outlet, but this process is too long 8-10 hours. This is because the traction battery in electric car uses a continuous current. And in our mains alternating current is used. Thus, if you are using the AC charging station applied on-board charger of electric vehicle, which converts alternating current into direct charging station, which is charging the traction battery. In this case, speed is determined by the electric charging power onboard charger. When charging an electric car from the station DC whole conversion procedure deals with the station itself.

Today the station is commonly called AC charging stations the standard charging. And DC station complexes express charging or fast charging stations.


The optimal solution for petrol stations and garages are charging express station. Due to the use of DC battery to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

We offer various variants of charging stations. The optimum combination of price-quality-performance achieved in QC 45-express charging station (DC 50power (kW)-Mode 4 and 43 kW AC-3 Mode)

The station can be used to recharge electric vehicles, CCS CHAdeMO standards/Combo 2 and AC. Advantages:

  • Charge to 80% in less than 30 minutes;
  • Multi standard (DC-CHAdeMO; DC-CCS/Combo 2; AC *);
  • Simultaneous charge of constant and alternating current;
  • Color display;
  • Network compatibility (OCPP Protocol or private protocols);
  • Integrated communication (3 g, LAN, Wi-Fi);
  • Street performance LED status indicator JeZS;

* ZE Ready certificate

  • CHARGER port/socket Type cable 22kw 2;
  • CHARGER port 43 kW stationary cable Type 2.