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Materials for waterproofing of pipelines

Ribbon polymer-bitumen PIRMA is developed on the basis of special mastic with high adhesion properties. Designed to protect steel from corrosion of underground pipelines of various purposes with the temperature of the transported product to plus 40° С, including urban gas, water pipes and main oil and gas product lines. The tape is applied in the construction of protective coatings No. 5 and 6 according to GOST 9.602-2005. As · tape-PVC tape used basics without sticky layer. Depending on the compounding of polymer-bitumenf mastic tape LITKOR is manufactured in two types: PIRMA-1-l (summer) and PIRMA-1-3 (winter).

PIRMA tape is recommended for use in pipelines, urban and municipal services.

The Ribbon comes in rolls of various widths for ease of use on pipelines of various diameters.

PIRMA tape applied with primer PL-m or bituminous primer independent manufacturing and protective wrapping DIRECTION type-on.

Insulation of welded joints

COVER the COMBINED PROTECTIVE LITKOR KM is designed for anticorrosive protection of welded joints and bends pipes during construction or major repairs of fishing and oil and gas product lines trunk diameter up to 820 mm inclusive in their underground or above ground (mounds) laying at the temperature of the transported product is not above 40° c.

Coating kit consists of bitumen-polymer Primer "Biom", tape-reinforced polymer-bitumen "RUIZ-arm" and "IZTM" clutch shrink as a protective wrapper