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Steel silos and tanks-mernik represent industrial facilities for the storage of different types of products. They are used in many types of industry, particularly in agriculture, construction and other activities.


No name-2Industrial silos are designed for the storage of bulk materials. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used as storage facilities for grain, flour in agriculture, and also be used for storing, receiving and issuing of construction materials (sand, cement, plaster, etc.).

Silos for bulk solids is a cylindrical metal container. In the design and construction of the silo, a number is factored into technical specifications. They, in turn, depend on the specific tasks of the apparatus, climatic conditions and customer requirements. There are several options for material and climatic performance. Each machine is equipped with a staircase serving the platform sensors and vozduhootvodami.

It is possible to produce silage with flat or conical tank bottom. Flat bottom silos are used mainly for long term storage of bulk products. Silos with conical bottom are intended for short-term storage.


Without a name-3Bucky-mernik also apply to the capacitive-type equipment for storage. This type of equipment is designed for the storage of liquid Wednesday, in particular solutions of acids, sodium hydroxide. They are also used for dosing of mixtures of alkali and phosphate, brine.


Tank-dipstick has a similar structure with silage (hopper) for bulk materials. It also represents a cylindrical flat-bottomed or cone of metal container. The device has a detachable lid, as well as the fittings necessary for receiving and issuing the product. At the customer's request, the machine can be completed with a stairs serving platforms and other details.


Silos and tanks-mernik production PZJeM are supplied in two versions: for climatic regions with temperate or cold climate, as well as for regions with cold climates.


Depending on the application and temperature conditions the following material options are also available:


  1. Steel ST3 (up to-30° c)


  1. Steel 09g2s-12 (up to-40° c)


  1. Steel 09Г2С-15 (up to-60° c)


  1. Stainless steel 12x18h10t (equivalent AISI)