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Gas receiver is a specialized device for storing gas under high pressure. Receiver strip itself is a kind of cylindrical metal container, equipped with input and output ports, as well as a system of protective valves that prevent the device from sharp fluctuations in gas pressure.

Without a name-3The principle of work of the device is simple. The gas high-pressure receiver pumped gas through the input tube. Popping gas occurs through weekend tubes.

There are several types of gas. Each has its own characteristic differences. Technical characteristics of each particular apparatus have several features and always meet the installed production line and other requirements of the customer's production process.

Where to apply

Gas receivers are used in many fields of activity. Its main task is to smooth fluctuations in pressure of compressed gas, in other words stabilization of pneumatic network. If this device can be applied to different types of gas. But most often they are used in air and pneumatic systems.

Gas receiver can also suppress vibrations from high to lower pressure piston compressor during operation.

Another function of the receiver or gas high-pressure vozduhosbornika is the introduction of compressed air into the system. Here it is worth noting that this is the short-term consumption when you want to download plenty of air into the system. Often compressors are used for these purposes, ensuring a stable gas supply. But when you want to instant downloading large quantities of air, the actual application of it is the receiver Strip.


As a rule, production of gas receivers require high technological capabilities of the factory-manufacturer. The reliability of the receiver sometimes depends on the security of not only production, but also the whole enterprise as a whole. Reliability is, above all, in a free job portability/pressure calculations.

This kind of equipment is made of stainless steel, which differs high durability and resistance to corrosion.

Inside the receptacle cover with special composite structure that protects the metal from damage caused by aggressive gas components. Using the method of spraying the composition is put on the inner walls of the vessel, with each layer is dried separately. This allows you to achieve maximum strength and stability of the coating, protecting it against external influences.